Ringing in the, year.

Are we really sitting just a few days from 2016? Looking back, it seems like just yesterday we sat and waited through the apocalyptic ticks as the clocks plowed forward to Jan 1, 2000…and now 2016 is upon us? Geez, man…slow down a bit, will ya?! 2015 was truly beyond imagination for all of us in WKS. Not only did give birth to this crazy collaboration in early 2015, but we recorded and launched an EP, planted our rears on a few stages in the Midwest (Route 20, Elbo Room, Barron Area Community Center), won a few contests, made it on a few charts, and worked on a chunk of new music. NONE of which would be possible without the tremendous support from all of you! So what exactly do we cur

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Racine, Wisconsin

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