Elbo Room...Here We Come!

Hey all! Before updating you on our ‘happenings’…let us all give you a massive squeeze in appreciation for your ongoing support and for making our EP Release Party a HUGE success! Going INTO October we had quite a few things on our task list and very little time to accomplish it all…but we did it (with the help of so many!). What exactly did we do? Order new EP’s? Check. We’ve burned through the first 300 and we’ve done very well online with downloads. With our decision to include physical copies of our EP with each admission to our show at Route 20, in addition to our Nov 28th show at the Elbo Room, 1000 EP’s were ordered and now in our hands. Want one? Join us at our upcoming Elbo Room show or jump on our website and order one! We'll ship it directly to your home! New single released? Check. Live performance is second-to-none for all of us as it relates to our music ‘highs’, but studio time tucks right up under that on our list of favs. “Mirror”, our 5th single professionally recorded, is now 'officially' released and included on our new EP. We had a great time with this song and we certainly hope you enjoy! Thank you to those that made this recording possible...Steven, Nick, The Jerome's, George, etc... Tighten up for live performance? Check. It’s one thing to sit comfortably in the studio testing ideas, trying out new sounds, and working through the individual parts until satisfied…but it's a completely different animal bringing the WKS sound to the stage. We are all so very critical on our individual performance that we’ve been working twice (on occasion 3 times) per week on new songs and the transition from studio to stage. We have a long way to go, but were ‘gettin’ there’. Purchased new band equipment for live sound? Check. Part of the ‘transition’ we just mentioned in the last paragraph requires some serious equipment and we are slowly (but surely) upgrading what we have to make the transition possible. For you musicians out there…if you haven’t purchased a stage monitoring system yet, don’t think too hard and aim directly at the Behringer X32 rack-mounted system. All the hype is true on this bad boy…gives us individual control on our own monitor mix directly from our phones or tablets. Held successful EP Release Party? Check. Difficult to describe in words what this show meant to us and how it feels to be on stage doing something we so love to do AND watching so many of you sing along with us. Talk about a ‘high’?? Wow…just doesn’t get any better than that. Thank you to all that made it out, and to every single person that worked at Route 20 that night helping to make this show a success. Undoubtedly at the VERY top of the list for each and every one of us in WKS. Over 200 friends, family, and fans attended our show and we humbly gave each and every one of those that had a ticket our new 5-song EP (now with our new single ‘Mirror’). Simply surreal. As you can see…it’s been a good, good month so far. So what’s next? Well… …we’re beyond stoked to play again! Our focus now shifts to our November 28th show at the Elbo Room in the Windy City. Over the next month+ we’ll continue to fine tune our live performance and work on some new music. We definitely hope to introduce some new songs in the near future and grow our entire set list so that we can play longer and longer for all our amazing fans. One element that is VERY important to our success is the draw at shows. If our EP Release Party is any indication, we’re off to a great start. However, packing a crowd into a venue that lies 90 minutes south of us is a different story altogether, which is EXACTLY why we’re putting together a bus trip to the Elbo Room. As of today, we’ve filled one bus and working on a second. We’re aiming to take 100 people with us to Chicago and for $20 you get a seat to and fro, a physical copy of our EP, admission into the Elbo Room, and some tasty beverages on the bus. To join, simply visit our webpage and click on the ELBO ROOM on our navigation bar. Designated driver to the Elbo Room? Check. Refreshments on the bus? Check An intimate night of WKS music? Check And we’re beyond excited? Check We look forward to seeing so many of you, and as always, thank you for the ongoing support.

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