WKS Summer!

Greetings, everyone! Summer has finally arrived and so has our latest newsletter! So much has happened since our last letter...

We mentioned last month that our full-length album was coming, and indeed it is! FM Music Management has done a great job with helping us finalize our artwork and in selecting our single to be released. We will be releasing “Splinter” in a few weeks! At the time of this writing we are all eagerly anticipating the shooting of our first music video with the experts at Skies Fall Media Group (the same company that has produced our music)! We are hours away from trying really hard to be the best looking rock stars we can!! The process has been very exciting and very informative. Once the video for “Splinter” is finalized we will have everything in place to launch our national radio campaign and bring our LP, Aligned, to everyone.

Coupled with our national radio push we have launched an Indiegogo campaign to help us raise money to cover the immense costs of going national. We are seeking $46,000 for physical copies of our CD, the video for “Splinter,” the national radio push, and a trailer for when we start touring. While $46,000 seems like a sizable mountain to climb, it is surmountable if all of our supporters could help pitch in. Market research indicates that once WKS reaches 30% of our goal, we are more likely for strangers to back our campaign. So, fans, The Strangers need you help! If you know you are going to, and are able to help, please do so as soon as you can; there are some really nice and unique perks you can receive. This will push our completion bar higher and will encourage other to invest! Check out our campaign site here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/well-known-strangers-strangers-no-more-campaign--3/x/12935158#/ Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page for updates! WKS has also been honored to be selected as one of three finalists for the Land The Big Gig competition! For five years, SummerFest has held a national band competition for a chance to play at SummerFest. This year over 150 bands from across the nation competed to be selected. We can’t thank you enough for voting (and voting, and voting) us into the top 10! Once in the top 10, we were required to submit a video of a live performance. The video we chose was our very first public performance at Rt 20 Outhouse, where we debuted our latest single, “Mirror.” Because of the amazing support of our fans who came to that show, our video launched us into the top 3!!! We have a chance to win this competition because you are amazing fans!!! Please come and cheer us on at SummerFest; we play on Thursday, June 30th, at the Briggs & Stratton stage at 5:00. We play first out of the 3 competitors so please be there by 5 pm! We understand the timing might be a bit tricky for some of you, but we need all the support we can get. Please like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all updates regarding upcoming shows and events. There are so many exciting things happing to WKS and things are going to start moving fast! Stay tuned: Summer has just begun!! -The Strangers

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