Splinter Making Moves!

Greetings, Stranger Nation! W·KS has hit the radio market!! That’s right! Well·Known Strangers’ single, “Splinter,” is now being added to the rotation of regular songs on several radio stations throughout the country, with 88Nine Radio Milwaukee being our national debut. Recently, W·KS played at 88Nine for a live broadcast during their 414 show and we had an absolute blast! If you missed the original broadcasting, check out the segment here: http://radiomilwaukee.org/discover-music/414-music-live-well-known-strangers/ Much of the hard work getting W·KS on the radio is the result of our promotion and distribution team, The Artist Cooperative. In close collaboration with FM Music Management, The Artist Cooperative is pushing our music to dozens of national radio stations. In addition to WYMS (88Nine Radio Milwaukee), “Splinter” is being played in rotation at KVNF (Flagstaff, AZ), WFIV (Knoxville, TN), WBSD (Burlington, WI), WLZX-FM (Springfield, MA), and soon WMMM (Madison, WI). We just were informed that “Splinter” is now #3 on the charts at WBSD! Thank you Burlington listeners for your amazing support! Our momentum is building and radio programmers are starting to notice! Be sure you’ve checked out our video: https://youtu.be/6vM9sVFPs44 Our LP, Aligned, is set to be released mid-January. While we were expecting the release date to be toward the end of this past summer, it became clear that W·KS would be competing with mainstream artists who usually release material in the last quarter of the year. Radio stations generally put indie-artists like W·KS on a very low priority due to the volume on material from the major record labels. So, because there is no need to rush, a first quarter release makes more sense and will give W·KS better exposure. For those fans that supported us through our Indiegogo campaign, we again want to thank you! Your contributions helped us secure a really nice trailer that we can use when we tour! [Does anyone know an artist willing to stencil our logo? AND corporate sponsorship is a standing invitation. J] The final design for the limited-edition t-shirt and poster has been finalized and is being ordered as of this writing. An email will be sent to everyone who donated explaining all the details and dates and finalizing specific details like shirt sized, etc. Thank you all for your patience! Most recently, W·KS went back into the studio to record a special, acoustic version of “Splinter.” An acoustic version will help TV and radio professionals hear how we will sound in their studios when we need to perform on a minimalistic level. Also, acoustic “Splinter” will be included on a limited edition EP, including a few other songs from the LP, and will be available for purchase at our performances. Stay tuned and be on the lookout! Stay up-to-date on our hectic schedule by following us on Facebook, and be sure to tell your friends to do the same! Also, there are lots of unique pictures only available on our Instagram account. Follow and spread the word!! Upcoming Performances:

Fridayween @ The Brat Stop, Kenosha: Friday, Oct. 28th Martyrs in Chicago: Thursday, Nov. 10th Fusion in Kenosha: Saturday, Nov. 12th (Acoustic "Storytellers" Format) Route 20 Outhouse in Racine: Friday, Nov 18th

We hope to announce many more shows in the very near future!

Thank you all for your support! The Strangers can’t thank you enough for all that you do and all the love that you share!! The Strangers, Betsy, Joe, John, Roger, Sacia, and Theodore

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