Ringing in the ear...um, year.

Are we really sitting just a few days from 2016? Looking back, it seems like just yesterday we sat and waited through the apocalyptic ticks as the clocks plowed forward to Jan 1, 2000…and now 2016 is upon us? Geez, man…slow down a bit, will ya?! 2015 was truly beyond imagination for all of us in WKS. Not only did give birth to this crazy collaboration in early 2015, but we recorded and launched an EP, planted our rears on a few stages in the Midwest (Route 20, Elbo Room, Barron Area Community Center), won a few contests, made it on a few charts, and worked on a chunk of new music. NONE of which would be possible without the tremendous support from all of you! So what exactly do we currently have on our plates? First, LOTS of creativity flowing through our veins as we’re focused on building up our song list. Songs such as “Runaway Girl”, “Splinter”, and “Breaking Bread” have recently made it onto stages, and new songs including “Workin’ Man” and “Voices” are the current projects. Second, speaking of “Voices” … Just a few days ago, our first show for 2016 was announced, and we are pumped!! Not only will this be a show at Memorial Hall (a Racine, WI location some of us have firmly planted on our bucket list), but this show is being announced through the incredible collaboration with the Racine Coalition Against Human Trafficking and Racine Civic Center to bring more awareness to the fight against the global tragedy that is Human Trafficking. The evening is being titled “Voices Against Trafficking” and our new song “Voices” will be one of the evening features to go along with an opening act and featured speakers. We’re hoping to record “Voices” in the near future and we plan on directing all sales proceeds directly to the fight. More information coming soon…but be sure to mark your calendars for this event: Thursday, January 28, 2016 Memorial Hall in Racine Doors open at 6 pm. Opening act (TBA) on stage at 7 pm. Third, substantial amount of 'ringing in the ear' due to tremendous interest from many of you regarding the possibility of a WKS studio recording in 2016. The answer is a very loud and positive ‘YES!’…We will undoubtedly hit the studio again this coming year to professionally record some of our new music. Tough decision for us as to which song we record first, as our new music has gained some humbling traction with many of you…but that’s a problem we love having. Songs including Splinter, Revolution, The Difference, The Sidewalk….and more…which one do we record first? If you get a chance, drop us a line…let us know which one you’d like to see recorded next! info@wellknownstrangers.com Fourth…We also hope to announce some more tremendous news in the near future as we’re in discussions with some amazing industry individuals and organizations. Not only could this lead to much more regional and national exposure for WKS, but we’ll start to solidify the rest of our 2016 show schedule as well! To say we’re stoked about all this would be a massive understatement. Last, but certainly not least… From all of us in WKS…We want to wish you all the safest, healthiest, and happiest of holidays and can’t thank you enough for the ongoing love, patience, and support!

We are truly honored.

- Betsy, Sacia, John, Ted, Roger, & Joe

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