Summer Update (Win a Hoodie!!!)

Greetings Stranger Nation!

FINALLY!! Summer is here, and W·KS has a packed season of appearances.

But before we talk shows, we are perfecting a new song for our next album and need help with a title. Read the lyrics below and help us come up with a song title that befits the theme. W·KS will review all the entries and the chosen title winner will receive a W·KS hoodie in their size!

Here are the lyrics:

[Verse 1]

Blink of an eye, how the bridges they burn.

I’m haunted by the emptiness of the tables we’ve turned.

I yearn, with the fervor of my fallen warriors.

Their beckoning echoing promise to soldiers before her.

“She’s so sweet, she reeks of liberty…”…

Seeping freedom from the tips of my ears, harboring a melting pot of

Blood clots, Sweat & Tears.

I am not designed to let you down I give, the weak, the meek, the guts

to turn it….turn it around.


Sit with me for a bit.

I need you to kick back call it quits with the attitude.

Drop down on your knees and admit,

you need to pay me back.

For all those … years.

[Verse 2]

Remember when there were boats upon boats upon boats filled with good intention.

…and then you made all them quotes upon quotes upon quotes full of fickle dissention.

“Bring me your tired bring your social diseased.”

My backbone is built upon their hands and their knees.


Remember...Remember I want to take It all Away

Reclaim my name

Start it all over again.

We can't wait to hear the suggestions!

Submit suggestions via the W·KS Site link:

We are excited to release our video for the song, "Voices," at the “Voices for Awareness” benefit concert which will support the fight against Human Trafficking on Saturday, June 10th at Route 20 Music Venue. W·KS is very honored to be able to advocate for awareness of this terrible phenomenon and we ask all of you who are able, please come out and show your support for the cause on June 10th. The band worked with so many amazing individuals and organizations, including Fight to End Exploitation and the Racine Police Department to produce the video. Professional Level Productions (Lou Perez) shot the video with our very own Victor Cera directing the action and footage. We can’t thank enough those who worked so hard to make this video a reality!

Soon to be released is our video for our second single from Aligned, "Don't Follow," which is set to be released soon. Again, Professional Level Productions was in the driver’s seat for the production. We are filming our lead vocalist, Betsy Ade, walking backwards through throughout the song, but reversing the action so she's actually walking forward while all who interact with her are now in reverse. Initial shots were very cool, but we have more work before it is released...

Stay Tuned!

Our June schedule is packed as we will be playing PrideFest in Milwaukee (June 9th) and Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago before a White Sox game against the Baltimore Orioles (June 15th). Later that evening, we are making our first appearance at the House of Blues in Chicago! We can’t be more excited for this opportunity. If you are interested in coming down to this show, and to any others, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for information on bussing to and from the venues.

We return home on June 16th to play at the Milwaukee Art Museum and later that evening playing at Kraut Music Fest for a second year. Stick around for Royal Bliss to take the stage soon after, followed by Sebastian Bach (former Skid Row front man)!

Visit our site for more detailed info, by following the link below, and make sure you follow us on Instagram and Twitter. And always remember, check out our official store for W·KS merchandise!!

Look forward to seeing you at the shows!

The Strangers,

Betsy, Joe, John, Roger, Sacia, and Theodore

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