Welcome, 2019!

Greetings, Stranger Nation...and Happy New Year!!!

All of us in WKS greet 2019 with immense enthusiasm and we’re deeply grateful and humbled by all the support we received in 2018. Thank you to all of you that stood by our side throughout the year!

Some updates...

With Sacia Jerome’s departure, WKS was fortunate enough to wrap up Cameron Fair as our new Cellist! Those of you in attendance at our final 2018 shows saw exactly what this young man brings! A tremendous talent, a welcomed ‘youth’ element, and some insanely funny and intense facial expressions! His vibrant energy is definitely contagious! He’s also actively involved in the creative side, generating some new grooves that we’re turning into new songs.

Since our last letter, Theodore Koth has left to pursue his own ambitions. We wish him the best in his musical endeavors! So what does that mean? Well...Lots of conversations and an audition or two to see if we’ll be announcing a new 6th member…still up in the air.

Lastly, what exactly is in the cards for Well-Known Strangers in 2019? First off, we are definitely not going anywhere! Consider this ‘space’ between shows simply no more than a much-needed hiatus to write new material. Stay tuned for a new single release in the near future. Secondly, keep your eyes and ears open for new show dates and tour information. Trust us…LOTS of great shows in the works!

Thanks again for your amazing support! We're super pumped for a great 2019!!

Betsy, Joe, Roger, John & Cameron

Well-Known Strangers





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